8 Things that you shouldn’t do inside or outside the cinema


   Pilipinos are movie lovers,they even spend their whole day watching an episode of a triology movies or even check the internet if their favorite movies are now showing on the local cinemas.Yet they make a lot of stupid things unintentionally inside the movie theater,this is just the effect of their excitement.But a lot of this things is irritational to others and we better not to do it inside or outside the movie theaters;

8.)Don’t Shout or Talk inside while the movie is playing (Remember that you’re not alone in the cinema)

7.)Don’t act like you’re affected in a dramatic scene ( They will never give you an oscar or a MMFA best actor/actress award)

6.)Don’t Sleep or snore inside (This is not your room)

5.)Don’ t Kick or put your foot on the front seat (So you’re watching a karate kid eh?,Well let the guy on that seat kick your ass)

4.)Don’t blame the Kontrabidas if they hurt your favorite actor (What the hell?.you’re not even their relative)

3.)Don’t do a romantic scene with your Gf/Bf (Where the hell are you? SOGO hotel?)

2.)Don’t bring kids inside if the movie ratings is rated R (hehehe so you’re watching a Rated R movies?)

And for the … number one number one number one number one!!

1.)Don’t ignore the media if they asked you about the movie you’ve watched (Just say Number one many times)



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