A Not-So-Little Problems

Streeths of manila copy

Some awful things that i’ve noticed while walking on the streets of manila

While walking on the streets of Manila, i’ve noticed many awful things that the government should pay attention to;Garbagelike plastic bags and candy wrappers are scattering the area of recto avenue,some guys walking on the streets with no t-shirtssmoking cigarettes,beggars sleeping on the sidewalks,cars were park anywhere,pedestrians don’t use pedestrian lanes or overpass to cross the streets,Animal feces also scattered everywhere and many more.

It’s so irritating when you see those people crossing the streets and jumping over the fences where busses,trucks or other vehiclespasses by.Why they’re so lazy to use those overpass or pedestrian lanes?.Why they’re so stupid to even didn’t have time to read thosestreet signs saying “bawal tumawid nakamamatay”?.Im sure they know how to read but why do they gnoring those signs?.They’re not even a child anymore to be scolded right?.They’re not a child anymore to be pasaway to not obey the law.

I also notice many street vendors on the sidewalk,can they please find a proper place to sell those stuffs.It’s a sidewalk not a shopping mall,not even a market.What if we’re Claustrophobic?. Didn’t they know thatthey’re the reason why people choose to walk on the streets rather than the sidewalks?.because it’s so sikip e.Not even a malnourish child can pass through that and MMDA prohibitted them to sell things on that place right?.Are they contented in that business where they have to run and escape the authority to sell those things?

Another thing is,those motor cycle riders who always overtake on the road.What if you get bump our brand new Starex van?.You’re not in an action film to do that.Why are you in a hurry?.If you’re gonna be late for a corporate meeting,then it’s ok.But if not,then don’t do it.You don’t have the rights to do those.Is that what you’ve learn in driving license exam?.Or you just learned it from playing grand theft auto video games?.

I hope that the city government officials should pay attention to this problems instead of sitting in their office and drinking mineral water all day.It’s a shame for us to recieve a negative comments from a normal citizens walking on the streets noticing many awful things to throw as an insult to your governance.And please don’t swallow your belief of “e ano kung madumi at magulo ang lugar namin? may mas dudumi pa naman dito a!”.No!,you should do something ,for your people,for your city and for you country.


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