An “A minor chords” that can Rock a bye baby

An A minor chord that can rock a bye baby


“You know,I got a lot of neighbors like Him so im not gonna laugh at that”,this is a response from my friend when i asked him.what was Freddie Aguilar’s favorite Chord.Then I realized that he’s right,This kind of Relationship is Common in our society,50 or 70 year old man loving his 16 or 18 years old partner.

This is a real talk and many of this cases involves a weatlhy living Senior Citizens and a minor-aged teen from a poor family.I guess it is safe to say that it’s their way to get out of the slump and i know that you’ve seen some successful stories like that.(remember mang kanor?)

But it’s embarassing,right?.When those couple walk on the streets,Holding hands or kissing in public,they get a lot of attention honestly.what can we say about that? “Yuck!”?.We know that love has no age limit,but what the hell?,look at their age gap,I think it’s 30 or 50 years?.Well i guess it’s not love,it’s baby sitting.Their partners is in the same age as their grand daughter.

In the case of Ka-Freddie,it can make a large negative impact on his image.As we all know,He is one of the greatest musician in the philippines, a Rock Icon.My father even idolized him because of his songs like “Bulag,pipi at bingi”,Magdalena and his greatest hit “Anak”.I don’t wanna think that one day this reputation will be replace by a negative comments or a phrase like “uy nabalitaan ko na-Freddie Aguilar daw yung anak mo a”will become popular and use by many of us.


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