Manila:Still an Open City to crime and violence



Manila,the capital city of the Philippines,The home to many powerful persons,politicians and businessmen.The city of Wealth and Power.The one that they defficted as a beautiful,peaceful and friendly city.A city that has many skeletons on it’s closets.

Back in American-Japanese war era,they declared the city of manila as an open city so that the japanese can enter this place without commiting any violence.But the japanese army didn’t obey it and kill many innocents civillian that they encountered on the streets.After many years,this city became the most Civilized city on the philippines where Crime,Gambling,Political desputes and many other things involving money,respect and power happens.

This city also gave birth to those notable gang leaders like Asiong salongga and totoy golem,A home to many Violent Gangs that cause many troubles to many pedestrians and motorist when they start a riot,and a settings for a game of death when the election period starts.

It also lies an urban decay,a place where informal settlers scattered,a gates of hell where floods and many calamities happens and the government only gave them relief goods as a painkiller for the Pain of this tragedies. This city also has a long time history of drug trafficking,Gambling and many other illegal businesses,And alot othis business were protected by some law enforcement officials.

This city has an illness and it needs some medicine,not just a painkiller for a relief but a permanent solutions to those problems.We the people are it’s nurses and the government officials are the doctors and if we lend a hand and help each-other we can make this city a good place to live.


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