Pa cool the society

Pa cool


An irritating but true comments from a kolehiyala’s perspective.

I mean diba?.Have you seen one of them?.they are trying hard to fit in, wearing fake j’s,fake Ralph lauren,fake gucci-fake everything,just to fit in with their pa sossy friends who also wear fake and immitated products.Tapos they make hingi-hingi ng money from their Mom and Dad just to buy anything they want?.What if i tell you that they don’t work 9 to 5 just to give you your leisure?.I mean diba? they don’t waste their time working from am to pm just to give you money to buy those products.Pa cool lang? tapos this fake products cost 2000 pesos or more.What if i also tell you that money isn’t picked from everywhere?.

Also they make gala gala somewhere expensive like starbucks cafe just to take a picture of their tall cappucino.Tapos sasabihin nila“Starbucks is more than a cofee.its different.”Different like what? Like iphones from nokia??Duh!!.Starbucks is just a coffee i mean,a very expensive coffee.Yeah the place is so cool,the ambiance is so overwelming but its not a gimmick place for you to take a picture and sip your coffee slowly till one of your neighbor passes by and greet you like”wow yaman a,naka starbucks“.

In social media,they post photos of their starbucks coffee like they’re telling us “you don’t know what a cappucino look like”.Oh really?Posting a photos of something expensive doesn’t make you cool. In my school,many students make ladlad their very big and very expensive smartphone to empress everyone.they make tawag tawag,I mean pretend to make a call just for us too see that they had a brand new samsung s5(which is made in china or korea or whatever!).All i want to say is,you don’t need to do that in public,specially when you’re riding in jeepneys or walking in a crowded place or streets with no street lights.diba?.What if you get holdap? or what if it gets nakaw?

   Duh!!? why they’re so pa cool? I mean,just be yourself guys.I know na it’s not bad to be sabay sa uso but ilagay naman natin sa tama.diba?.Instead of wasting your time and money just to fit with the Pa cool society or to the latest fashion trends,why not study hard to get a decent job so you can earn money to buy those? or i mean the original ones?.Am i right?


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