Yum yum yum!

Yum yum yum!


street vendors problem from a kolehiyala’s perspective


Have you eat one of that yet? I mean it’s so kadiri.The way it looks,the way they sell it-eew!.Look at the fishballs,they sell it for only 50 cents,do you think it can make them rich?.And also the way they sell it.You’re free to make tusok tusok of it on the kawali with no lid or cover.I guess dirt from air like dust will make halo on the mantika inside- eew!.And also the way the customers dip their fishballs on the sawsawan.It so kadiri naman diba?,they sawsaw their fishball,eat one piece and then make sawsaw ulet?.Whatif they have T.B or other disease?.Ano to?Sakit mo share mo? Yuck!!.

When you walk outside the university campus,vendors like them are roaming the area selling lots of stuffs.They sell Popcorn,candies and cigarettes to some students outside.Tapos these students will make tapon-tapon their kalat everywhere like candy wrappers and cigarette butts .They make our school dirty.There are also food stands in front of the campus,i wonder if they have business license to sell of what they called Ihaw-ihaw like betamax(pig’s blood),helmet(chicken’s head),isaw(chicken or pig’s intestine) and many more.I have no complaints about what they sell ’cause i also like to eat those too but i hope they clean their utensils enough so that charcoals were remove from the barbecue grill.

Other thing is the pancakes or hotcakes.Which is being sell cold in front of the streets where jeepneys and other vehicles passes by.It is also prone to dirth which is carried by air.They also sells Manggang Hilaw which you can dip on a stinky bagoong or eat it with a small amount of salt.I wonder where all this so called “clean foods” came from.

On the way home,you can also encounter some vendors who carried their goods in a box.It is filled with candies,Cigarettes,Chicharon and bottled waters.They are called “Taktak” boys by some motorist.They make singit singit on the streets and make angkas on jeepneys or buses to sell their paninda.You know? they’re also making our country dirty because they don’t carry garbage bags.So people who buy to them make also tapon-tapon their candy wrappers and cigarette butts outside the bus window.And also,they’re one of the main cause of heavy traffic on the streets because of their singit-angkas style of selling goods.

So nakakainis diba? In america ba you’ll see vendors like them? No!,because they have a good business strategies.They don’t make patol-patol in that small time businesses who can’t make them rich.And also they have a great respect on their country.They don’t want their people to make kalat kalat their candy wrappers and cigarette butts on the streets.

If those vendors will know how to take care of their business properly including the cleanliness,they maybe become sucessful and have a franchise like Sisig Hooray or have a permanent business ventures outside the university campus diba?




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