5 Songs that you shouldn’t sing on a videoke

5 songs that you shouldn't sing copy


In a drinking spree,videoke is one of the most popular pinoy means of fun.It’s like a creamer to a coffee,a pulutan to a beer or a calamansi and salt to tequilla.Because pinoys love to sing and we fascinated to a fact that a good voice is not required to express our inner rockstar on a drinking session or other occasions.But sometimes a lot of songs that we sing is so irritating to others,we don’t know it because we’re enjoying our public concert. Here’s some of the songs that you shouldn’t sing on a videoke.

1.)Jumbo hotdog by masculados (lol,unless you’re jimboy,i mean jim girl)
2.)Like a virgin by madonna (you’ll make the audience wonder “Oh really?”)
3.)Humanap ka ng panget by Andrew E,(you’re offending someone)
4.)My way by Frank sinatra (unless you’re brave enough to face any wrong things that will happen)
5.)Di ako bakla by Tuesday Vargas (I smell something fishy here!)


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