Im so Angry, I made a sign

Have you seen one of those signs saying “Bawal umihi putol titi”? or have you buy something from a store that has a funny name like “Mang Inasar,Maa-asar ka sa sobrang sarap”?.Well that is just an example of funny pinoy humor that we’ve seen on the streets.

On the corner of our university, there is a fishball stand named “C’mon don’t be shy,eat my balls”where kolehiyalas used to eat his balls i mean his fishballs. From Store names to warning signs,pinoy can be creative and imaginable.They always put a crude humor to every signs they post on wall like,”Bawal umihi at tumae dito” or in a jeepneys like “Basta sexy libre,pag mataba Doble” or “God knows hudas not pay”.One of my friend say “Pinoy nga naman!”.

Here’s a many examples that i’ve seen on the streets;

Bawal mag vandals dito(sa gilid may naka drawing na ari ng lalaki)-a sign on a new painted wall.

Master Shiomai-A shiomai chain

Bhoxs Marvin love lady anne 27 4ever-A vandals written on a bus seat

Chuck Tailor- A tailoring shop

Rosanna rosas sari-sari store- a sari-sari store on the corner of mabini.

Lito lapida- A Lapida maker on antipolo

Bobo ang bumasa nito-A vandals written on a mall restroom.

Pampatigas- an Advetisement on a local tabloid

Goto Heaven- a goto chain

Bref at panti 4 sail- a sign written on a clothing shop


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