Stupid things they do on a social media

stupid things they doDo you have any Facebook or twitter account?.Do you open it every day,every hour or every minute?,What  do  you usually do when you’re in front of your laptop and starring at somebody’s post?,Bully them?.You know, there are a lot of stupid  things that we can do on a social media other than posting a selfie of us in a duck face pose.But,you know what pisses me of?. This post that i’ve seen on my Facebook timeline:

1.)”Help me gain 1,000,000 likes for these hungry kids on africa.”(oh really?,So you mean if we like that photo,those kids will have somehting to eat?)

2.)”Hi guys pa like naman ng DP ko project lang!”(What the? Kailan pa nagkaroon ng  ganyang klaseng school project?)

3.)”Face off! Sino mas angat” (Sino mas angat mo mukha mo!)

4.)”Drinking Zonrox “ (ok,Go ahead,we don’t give a fuck)

5.”)meteor garden na!”( We know!,May t.v rin kami)

6.)”Wanted Bf “(a Desperate piece of shit,so you want a boyfriend e?,We have a pet beagle,is it ok?)

7.)”July please be good to me” (What? Have you been molested by June?,Oh Shit! Here’s a 3 copy.filed a case against him ok?)

8.)haters gonna hate (Wow,Do you have one?,well keep day dreaming)

9.)”Mahal ko may ari ng account na to” (so what?,Are you on drugs? You know man,stop snorting Mik-mik try these alternatives called Polvoron)

And this one

10.)” Ikh4w Lhu4ng S4ph4t Nhu4!“(You know? I think this guy needs a high five….on a face ….with a dictionary)




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