Oh Em Gee!! talagang OMG!

Oh em gee

   The return of the kolehiyala and her comment to those bashers and young parents

   Why they’re so stupid to didn’t even understand me ?.You can’t blame me if i made a comment to those street vendors and pa sossy brats cause’ it’s so true naman talaga e,diba?.Tapos many of them will post on my fb timeline like “Comment pa more””Ang Arte mo teh””inggit ka lang” or even bully me on social media. Duh!,Is it wrong to tell the truth?.Diba dapat mas naiinis kayo to those senators on t.v that defending themselves over the allegations on the pork barell scam?.This is why our country remain so poor eh,kasinaman many of us ignore this kind of problems.

    Tignan mo ,in many problems in the world mas pinapansin pa nila yung problems nila sa lovelife or other’s love life.This is why our populations getting bigger every year eh kasi even those teen-agers are getting involved.Diba kaya maraming nagiging batang ama at ina because of that Love?.Kasi naman,many of the programs on t.v are so stupid e,they’re airing some programs that does not suitable for minor audiences tapos they air it on a regular timeslot where kids and teeners used to watch,diba?.Tapos these Minors immitate all the scenes that they’ve watched even those scandalous love scenes.Diba?,Look what happened to those Batang ama and batang ina?.Some of them didn’t even finish their highschool right? So how the hell could they find a decent job?.Buti ba kung anak sila ni Henry sy kaso hindi e,Some of them came from a poor families that belongs to the informal settlers.So what now?,They will siksik themselves on their parent’s small house? How the hell could they feed their child? Iasa sa magulang?,breast feed or whatever?, How could they afford a better future for their own family if they can’t even afford to buy their own foods?,diba?.And these Teens will tambay tambay lang on the kanto waiting or begging someone to give them money or sometimes pag-gipit na gipit na,they do an illegal acts like stealing or burglary just to have something to eat for one day? .

    Diba?,Instead of Giving attention to your lovelife or whatever you call it,why not give attention to your grades?,So you can have a better future someday,you can even afford to have many child you want (not wives ha?) diba?.


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