Motorist from hell

  They are the new faces of population control. Speeding on public roads, testing how hard the concrete barrier is, and knowing how it feels like to drive under the influence of alcohol. Everynight on evening news, they’re the headlines, wreckless, Arrogant, Assholes and Stupid motorist that probably came from hell.
       This countless accidents involving them are happens in EDSA, the longest parking lot in the country. Maybe their reasons being so hostile are:

* Playing metal,hardcore and rock music on their cars
* Bad mood because of the pink colored fences, waiting sheds and footbridges on the road
* Blood curdling traffic
* overtaking and “singit-king” motorcycle drivers.
* Giant billboard of an unknown model wearing briefs
* They’ve played Grand theft Auto 5 recently.

    And sometimes these bastards (commonly taxi drivers) are so smartass when it comes to money. Stupid when driving, Smart-ass when they make you “Taga” So better check their taxi meters for “bating-ting” when riding one. And sometimes these fuckers are so choosy. They will ignore you if you don’t look like the ones who lives in Serendra, Mandaluyong executive mansions or Lancaster when you hail them.
      Jeepney drivers also has their negative sides. Some are so called “Gangstas”, wearing blings and shades who usually played loud rap musics on the road with the volume turned up to 20 or max. It so difficult to deal with them as you will be needed to shout “Mama, para po” or “mama bayad ho” as loud as you can.
      Some are typical, music lover or should i say, singers. Who will sing at the top of their lungs while hitting the gas pedal, and they will not give a damn if you don’t like their voices. How annoying it is, hearing this kind of lyrics:
” Natings gana tsyends may lab por yu, yu no naman diba haw mats ay lab yu”.


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