Too fast, too obvious

For this past few months, I have developed an unhealthy obsession with some commercials that aired in our country. But no, this is not about the advertisement of a detergent powder with a catchy music- its about the commercials of some politicians, who obviously campaigning through T.V Ads.
“The early bird catches the worm” some says. But maybe not. A tragic waste of budget, As if it came from their own pocket. What makes it fun is the fact that, no matter how hard they try to hide it, it obviously shows what their motives are. Everyday in our daily television, it will interfere the program, a familiar face with a winning smile appears, the one who tells you “Para sa pagbabago” last election period, the one who has a brother,sister ,father,mother,niece,nephew or son in politics, is the same one who will tell you “Para sa pagbabago” again.

The next thing you know, they will start posting their large posters and tarpoulines on the wall of our houses, lamp post, electric cables, baranggay Hall and maybe in some jeepneys,trikes and karitons of our poor comrades or worse, they will start playing their annoying political jinggles like

“Bubuka ang bulaklak, sasara ang bulaklak.. dadaraan ang reyna..ay ako pala, boom tiyaya boom boom boom … Boomboom de la cruz para konsehal”

These jinggles are worst than a pile of dung or justin bieber’s song. If music affects your mood, no wonder why some people became violent when they hear one of those. Sometimes i want to ask them these questions:

“Tuwang tuwa pa kayo sa kanta niyo ha?”

But somehow these ads are so entertaining-specially those commercials with song and dance number, watching your favorite politicians dancing “gangnam style” and shaming themselves in front of a large audiences. So variety thay they should make a noon time shows and compete with eatbulaga or showtime or whatever. Political entertainment at its best.


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