Famous for what?


  No its not the typhical popularity that everyone wanted to gain. Its about the number of “thumbs ups” or should i say “likes” on facebook and other social media. The more “likes” you get, the more famous you’ll be. But the question is, what’s the deal with it?

     Admit it, sometimes we have a feeling of a little disappointment, jealousy and anger when one of our post didn’t get much likes that we wanted for it to have. No? Liar. I’m afraid to say, this kind of thing has became our measurement of how famous, how popular, how beautiful and how successful a person is. No need to look at their bio, ask for their resume or get to know ’em personally, because why should you?. People only pay attention to how much likes and retweet you recieve and they will call you “Famous” when you’d gain those.
Some tried to be a famewhore, posting photos of em, with their cleavage exposed, flirting someone who’s already a so-called famous, ETC.

     But in reality, you were just a social media freak. Does the whole world knows you? does they know your name? no. Even your parents and neighbors didn’t know you have that popularity, on social media.

       Strange isn’t it? They treat you like one of those biggest rockstars, celebrity and shit on social media but when you go outside and take a walk, nobody’s paying attention to you. And at that moment you realized that social media fame is nothing but a crap in real life, not a diploma, not a certificate of authenticity or a proof that you really are successfull and popular.


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