Party Goers: Minors, beers, cheers!

      A new trends for those teens who’s againts their parent’s house rules and who’s planning a rebellion. (Shaving their armpit hair, bleaching their heads and tattooing their gf’s name on their chest.) But this time, it’s more classy, more “Sosyal”. A party fitted for those self-proclaimed “Famous”, Social media playboys and playgirls, hipsters, attention seekers, future prosti and those who don’t want to finish their education and have a miserable life.

       More of a “Smoke weedz everyday” expressions on fb, is these teens new way of pissing and shaming their parents off  “Lets go to party and get drunk and pregnant at the same time!”. Circulating on social media are some of those clubs advertisements about their new events-of course, its a dance party with cool dj’s, cool party lights and lots of beers and other alcoholic drinks while swaying to the music of dubstep. And yup, everyone can join like they’re telling us ” You’re a minor? who cares, lets get drunk and get wasted!”. And by the way, last month, a photo of a girl on a club is circulating on fb with a caption of “Party pa more”. She’s half nude, her nipples are being sucked by a guy, others are looking at her laughing while dancing, and yes, she’s a minor.

    Okay, there’s nothing wrong doing these stuff (partying, getting drunk)… if you’re on a legal age. What’s wrong is, these clubs still allows you to enter their premise and have a drink even they know (obviously) that you’re not on a legal age. But yet, this is Philippines, where smoking and drinking is allowed anywhere, where childrens are allowed to buy cigarettes and alcoholic drinks, where anyone can buy prescription drugs on drugstores without prescriptions. A loosened law, loosened security. No wonder why our country is getting screwed and teens do inappopriate things. But no, don’t blame their parents. Some of these teens are just victims of “Cool factors”, where they just need to immitate others for them to not being “baduy” and be classy like the ones they idolized. Some of them mights say “Wala namang masama aa, kasayahan lang” or “Wala kang pake! buhay namin to” and for that i think i will say. “Gago! just accept the fact na bawal talaga yan, tanga!”.



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