Happy mothers day: A letter for my mom

Yo Mom,
   Happy mothers day!. Sorry, i don’t have a pictures of us to post here, so i guess, i go with this letter. Well i’m a grown man now, thanks to you. You have raised an awesome guy like me, everyone should be jealous ’cause i have a caring and understanding Mom.
   Well, i apologize for everything, you know, everytime i raised my voice when i’m angry, when i used to swear alot, when i don’t obey you, when i always act like an asshole, i’m sorry. I’m busy living my life and i forgot that you’re getting older too and i’m sorry for that. But you know, Everytime i see you sad, it goes right through my chest, specially when i’m the reason. And that’s why i keep going through changes.
     I’m always thankful for everything, for being my superhero,My wonder Mom. I know that i’m an arrogant son, and probably, if its not you, any parent would disown me. I know someday, everyone will give up on me, but i know you never will. Cause you’re awsome, and Mom, please stay that way, stay fit, join the zumba, stay healthy.
   I don’t know how to say thank you a kabillion times, cause i know its not enough. Mother’s care is the best gift in the world that money can’t buy. Happy mothers day mom!  and to all Mom in the world!.

   I don’t like to sound like a facbook freak, so i leave a copy of this letter in your cabinet.

                         Your awesome son,


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