Some annoying things on social media

*Grabs popcorn

1. Super O.A fan girls/boys
-The fact that being a weirdo in a vast world of social media has no limitation makes me shiver down my spine. Like a swarm of pests, they will flood your newsfeeds with many annoying post like “Kim Shung Ah anakan mo ko!”, “Patapos na ang forevermore”, “Nakakaiyak yung ending sobra” or the most hated phrase “Forevermore na!!”. You know the appopriate answer thereof; “oo alam namin, may T.V rin kami letche!”.

2. Pa like naman ng DP ko
– Or any simmilar phrases like that. Sometimes i wonder, does earning hunderd likes on profile pic makes you a millionaire, if so, then like my DP too.

3. Wala nang lalandi d2 -Hacker
– But not really. The person who first used this phrase has an absolute disdain for education. Does He/She knew the exact definition of “hacker”?. No, i think. Better read the article of it on wikipedia.

4.) “Kansoy”
– Or the euphemism for sex or having sex (according to Maymay). But this word has no definition on any Filipino Dictionary. So, “dapat kansoyin ang taong may gawa nito”.

5. Ang mag like nito…
– One of the most overused phrase to gain hundred likes (ask Maymay 🙂 ). But what the user really mean is, “Ang mag like nito uto-uto” or “ang mag like nito may tae sa pwet”.

6. Where to go?
– Hihihi, go to hell.

7. Smoke weeds everyday
– Or any simmilar variations: “high life”, “Smoke joints” or “Mariajuana i love you”. A phrase that these stupid kiddo think its cool to use. Why don’t they just tag their parents or the PNP fb page?.

8. Edi wow!
– As in “Talaga? Edi wow”. The by product of expressing amazement and disappointment. A word created to fill in the gap of being partially stupid in a decent conversation or at the same time, to cause some annoyance. For example:
“Guys, i passed the board exam”
“Talaga?, edi wow!”.

9. “ArhUy kHo Bhe!”
– One of the Jejemon’s aces to compete with “Edi wow”. A word created by them to express their inner emotions and yes, to be a totally stupid human being.


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