Random things i’ve learned in life so far

As a year end post this are the random things that i’ve learned in life so far.

1.)Alcoholic drinks should be avoided when you’re on a “moving on” stage of break up specially when you still have a number of your ex.

2.)Pizza delivery guy arrives faster than your friend who texted you “on the way na”

3.)Some “Gimikan” allowed minors this days, they even offer ’em drinks.

4.) Quad-core CPU is a must, when buying a brand new office computer.

5.) “No filter” in an image means, it has filters but who knows?

6.) Infinitea is the new starbucks this days, a direct alternative, i mean.

7.) We must learn Mandarin, someday in the future, China will replace the America as the new Most powerful Country.

8.) Everyone should learn the values of equality

9.) When driving in cubao, make sure that you have condom in your pocket, just in case.

10.) Never befriend anyone who wears “chicser” shirt nor should you befriend anyone who sing “Bubble butt” and “Pusong Bato”

11.) jologs prefer phones with better camera than hardware specs.

12.) Some teens who says ” i’m a book lover” are a craze fan of Marcello Santos III.

13.) You will be “jologs” and “baduy” someday.

14.) Stupidity is infinite

15.) The word “Sh*t” and “F*ck” are common in my newsfeed.

16.)This list is nonsense,mind blown?


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