C is for Chuck

       She has the most seductive eyes

         Look through it you will see the sky,

        The galaxies, the constellations

        And every part of heavenly bodies.


       She’s amazing in every angle you look

       In every secret glance you took

     You find yourself asking, am I falling already?


    Maybe. But yeah, who will not fall in this kind of girl anyway?

    Sadly it’s forbidden, cause deep inside her is a heart of man

   More manly than I.



It all started here:

The first time I saw you, I was star struck. Like damn, she looks like one of ‘em Kpop stars only without that pearl white skin. But you’re so damn gorgeous. That moment when my eyes hit your face, the song of Lauren Hill plays along.


You’re so good to be true

Can’t take my eyes off of you


That special moment, I realized that “Crush at first sight” is true.

Then you speak in a manly tone. “PolSci karin, pare?”.The time paused, my world crumbled as if it was about to end. I speak to myself “Thunginuuuh tomboy yung crush ko.”. But then I answered, “Yes”. And that is the first time I heard your voice, the first time you talked to me. I felt like there are many cherry blossom petals fallin’ above us and a song of Garry Valenciano comes along;


How did you know?

I needed someone like you in my life

You fill out the empty space in my heart

You came at the right time in my life..


Sadly, I didn’t get your number. But luckily I saw your facebook in one of my neighbor’s friend list. I “added” you and message you like “Hey what’s up, remember me from enrollment? I was the one  wearing a gray shirt.”, You say “Yes”. And the rest is history.

Note: I wrote the poem above to test my poetic skills. And the verdict:  i suck at it.


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