Facts about the blog and its author



1.) I’m a guy (Kaya please ‘wag niyo kong tawaging ate, nakaka loka kayo)

2.) The blog’s name came from a page of Shakespeare’s king lear that i picked up when i’m walking home from school (Mahilig talaga ako mamulot basta napag interesan ko).

3.) The blog’s name means: “Karamihan sa katotohanan, sinasabi ng pabiro” and i find it very poetic.

4.) I’m a Civil Engineering student but my passion is to rock and roll and write nonsense stories and poems.

5.) I’m an Addict-to potatoes

6.) I’m not a bookworm, but i do like to read. (Specially FHM or the poorman’s alternative tiktik and bomba. ‘Di joke lang).

8.) My late father used to say “Pag laki mo gusto ko maging pulis ka”. I guess that’s the reason why always i smell lit candle when i’m taking a bath.

9.) I own a Hamer Californian 3 series electric guitar (which my eldest brother gave as a gift before he flew to Australia; it cost 24,000 pesos. I don’t know what would be his reaction when he see it now full of scratches).

10.) I hate list and irony.


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