How I won the war

If fighting in a war against my inner self for being a lazy bastard is considered to be an honorable activity, i maybe become atleast a corporal now. Yes, you’ve read it right. I’m a lazy bastard: picture someone chubby, laying on a couch with a pack of jack ‘n jill nova on his hand while watching Ancient Alien on History channel, that’s the best representation of me. I don’t know why, but after the last day of semester, i always had this urge to stay in the couch all day doing nothing. I even joked my mom that she needs a surgeon to help me get this couch surgically remove from my body.
As far as i remember, i promised myself to be a responsible human being this summer: Go to somewhere else like Makati or Taguig and find a summer job so that i can pay all my expenses without asking my brother in Australia to send money so i can pay those bills. But i guess,  promise were meant to broken. It is the 2nd week of summer and still i’m laying in the couch watching Anthony Burdain: Parts unknown.
Of course, i don’t want to be a useless piece of crap all my life. I wanted to do something. Something that can make my Mom and my brother proud. So i carry my lazy-ass up, and head to the kitchen to do the dishes. I make sure that no one is at home, i don’t want my relatives to see me doing choires, they’re all bully, bragging like: “Whoa! sa wakas, sinipag ‘din ang walang hiya!”. And off course “kasipagan” are hard to come by these days.
After the dishes, i do the laundry, swept the floor, changed the sofa cover and fix the t.v anthena. Out of tiredness, i fell asleep on the couch. Minutes later, i woke up in the shout of my mom;

“Sutil ka talaga! nakahiga ka nanaman dyan! ‘di mo gayahin ate mo, naglinis ng bahay, naglampaso, nag hugas ng plato, nag laba at nag palit pa ng cover ng sofa! Magbago bago ka nga”.

But atleast, i won the war. I won the war against my inner lazyness. I’m happy to be this useful human being even for a day. If my mom could only knew.


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