Hello Darkness, my old friend

I. Is it really the lack of presence of light? or there is no such thing as darkness?

II. The sky after the sun set is filled with stars and a moon that shine upon to guide  people when the sun is nowhere to be found.
At past 6 p.m, sun light is gone. The moon replaces him in his duty in the sky with his billions of stars as her assistant. Even without the presence of Sun, he support the moon by giving her light to lightened up the earth. Then even in the night, there’s no such thing as darkness.

III. But, how really does the sun, the stars, the moon or the entire solar system created?. Does it begin with nothing? Nothing but a dull dark empty space?.

The big bang and other theories?. It is said that from the collisions of two massive extra terestial object which from the whole solar system begin to exist. But that’s just the solar system. Universe are a massive mysterious place. What lies after it?. A vast of emptiness?.
IV. Everything in the universe is filled with light except the black hole where no ray of light can escape. The cosmic clouds, the constellations, everything is like a christmas light throwed by gods in the sky.
V. On earth, does darkness exist? maybe in  the streets of many provinces in the philippines where electricity is uncommon or the minds of many corrupt politicians and other high ranking people in the society where their mind is filled with nothing but darkness. Then there’s such thing as darkness.


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