I. Here i am. Far from the concrete jungle of Manila. Far from the ear-wrecking noises of jeepney’s stereo that play songs of Air Supy and Renz Verano. Far from Stereo blasting Neighbors. Far from the noise polluted place that i ever known.

Nowdays, no places or ocasions can be considered quiet. ‘Quiet’ for the millenials is an imaginary word. There are spaces inside our brain that needed to be filled with music, it has some neurons that command us the necesity of sound in everything we do. Everyday is a day full of decibels piercing straight to our ear drums. The shout of someone bad mouthing their neighbor, the beep of our cellphones when someone is calling, the siren of some random emergency vehicles passing by and even the cry of an infant.
Tell me a moment in your life when you’re doing something without listening to your favorite songs. Even when you’re broken hearted, you feel some comfort when your earphone is plugged in into your ear while your favorite song like “i’ll never go” speak to yourself.

What is holy week for the people who grew in 2000’s?. A week filled with noises of lenten special television shows? or static of a microphone from someone rapping the lyrics of pasyon?. Maybe in 80’s or 90’s, silence is a big word but now?, every day is a fiesta filled with sound, songs, music and decibels even in the days where silence is a big part of the ocasion: holy week and all saints day. Expect someone in your neighborhood turning on their sound system and blasting its volume up to 10. But maybe partying is their kind of being spiritual.

The days like christmas and new year’s eve are not complete without music. Songs of Jose Marie Chan are playing in every shopping mall. Music from international and local hiphop and pop stars are conquering the minds of every teen playing their songs in their house even the lyrics are explicit.

II.  Being Noisy in elementary and highschool  days is considered an undesciplined act. But I’m too young to understand that. Now, it shed light to my consiousnes why Mrs. Tuazon, our grade 6 adviser pinch us in the ear everytime she hear us talking about the latest dance craze of Mark Herras on S.O.P.

The murmurs we hear is a distraction in our mind to do our job properly and that’s the biggest problem of many teachers like Mrs. Tuazon. How can someone teach something if their student is busy talking to their seat mate about the lovelife of Kris Aquino?. I even understand why they pinch us. It is the noise and uhm, Krissy?.
III. But noise is a part of life. Nothing is quiet even inside the church or cemetery.  Have you seen a mass without a choir? or people visiting their love ones in the cemetery talking, singing or even playing music from their portable speakers?.
I’m writing this thing and there’s no minutes passes without hearing some motorcycle’s engine noise roamong into my brain.
Maybe the world really is noisy and that silent is just a word.


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